Recording Artist: Aerosmith
Writers: Steven Tyler
Joe Perry
Jim Vallance
Date Written: March-April 1987 / Vancouver Canada
Albums: Permanent Vacation (Geffen, 1987)
Steven Tyler: vocal
Joe Perry: rhythm guitar, slide guitar
Brad Whitford: rhythm guitar
Tom Hamilton: bass
Joey Kramer: drums
Jim Vallance: organ
Produced by Bruce Fairbairn. Recorded by Mike Fraser and Bob Rock, April-May 1987, at Little Mountain Sound Studios (Vancouver). Mixed by Mike Fraser.
I took this photo of Steven at Long View Farm in Massachusetts, a rehearsal and recording retreat near Boston where we'd gone to write songs for the "Permanent Vacation" album. 

One day Steven and Joe and I were taking a walk in the fields near the farm when Steven came across a patch of juicy wild blackberries.
Lyrics: Walkin' the line of a razor's edge
Take it as far as she goes
Slice of the sky on a silver wedge
Higher and higher we go
Let's go

Ladies in black put a spell on me
Feels like my head is going round and round
And round and upside down
Ladies in white ain't my cup of tea
So be it, I need it, long legs, big eyes, mmm
She drives me crazy

OOO Simoriah
OOO Simoriah, oh

Countin' the eyes of the dragonfly
Callin' on dreams from within
She knows the way and she makes me high
So be it, I need it
Long hair, blue eyes, oo
She drives me crazy

OOO Simoriah
OOO Simoriah