Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: 1978 / Vancouver Canada
Albums: Bryan Adams (A&M Records, 1980)
Anthology (A&M Records, 2005)

Bryan Adams: rhythm guitar, vocal
Jim Vallance: drums, organ, (bass?)
Jim Clench: bass?
Peter Bjerring: Arp Odyssey synthesizer solo
Bruce Fairbairn: trumpet
Tom Keenlyside: saxophone
Ralph Eppel: trombone
Backing vocals: Nancy Nash

Produced by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. Recorded October 20 and 21, 1978 at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver, and October 24, 1978 at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver.  Mixed by Bobby Shaper at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, January 1980.

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Cover Versions: Also recorded by Rosetta Stone
When I first met Bryan he was so poor that I'd often give him money to take the bus, or I'd drive him home myself. On one occasion , around midnight, I was driving Bryan back to his mom's house when we were hit by a car speeding through a red light. No-one was injured, but my car was a total write-off.
Arp Odyssey
"Remember" would have benefited greatly had Bob Clearmountain or Bob Rock produced the track. Regardless, it's a serviceable rocker, and Bryan still trots it out from time in concert. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that Bryan had included the song on his 2005 "Anthology" CD.

We recorded the basic track on October 20 and 21, 1978, at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver. The horn overdubs and Nancy Nash's backing vocals were recorded at Little Mountain Sound a few days later, the evening of October 24.

I was producing BTO at Mushroom at the time, so we used Robbie Bachman's drum kit for the "Remember" session. I played drums and keyboards on the track (drummer Matt Frenette of Loverboy "mimes" on the video). It's either me or Jim Clench (April Wine) on bass ... I don't recall. 

Bryan played all the guitars. The horns were played by my "Prism" pals Bruce Fairbairn (trumpet), Tom Keenlyside (saxophone) and Ralph Eppel (trombone).

"Remember" also features a superb synthesizer solo by Peter Bjerring, played on an Arp Odyssey (the Arp was "state of the art" in 1978, but is now considered an antique!). A year earlier Peter had played another outstanding Arp solo on my Prism song "Spaceship Superstar".

On October 28, 1978 -- at the request of A&M's Michael Godin -- Adams and I flew to Toronto to do a mix of "Remember" with engineer Mike Jones at Sounds Interchange Studios. I remember the mix being quite good, but for some reason we never used it.
Lyrics: Pardon me, have you got the time to let me say hello?
I couldn't help but see that you look like a lady I used to know a long time ago

Remember the time we spent together
Remember the days that went forever
Remember the nights we stayed together
Whatever I do I'll still remember

It's hard to believe that I held her up and then she let me down
It's all the same to me ...
But she broke my heart and left me spinnin' round and round and round

Remember the time we spent together
Remember the days that went forever
Remember the nights we stayed together
Whatever I do I'll still remember