Lessons In Love
Recording Artist: Jimmy Barnes
Writers: Jim Vallance
Jimmy Barnes
Jeff Neall
Jonathan Cain
Date Written: 1987
Albums: Freight Train Heart (Mushroom, 1987)
Barnestorming "Live" (Mushroom, 1988)
50 - Rarities and Remixes / Box set (Liberation Records, 2007)
Studio version - from the 1987 ablum "Freight Train Heart"

Jimmy Barnes: vocals
Jonathan Cain: keyboards
Neil Schon: lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Rick Brewster: rhythm guitar
Randy Jackson: bass
Peter Kekell: piano
Tony Brock: drums

Backing vocals: Jimmy Barnes, Jim Hilburn, Lynette Stephens, Walter Hawkins, Shawn Murphy, David Amato, David Glenn Eisley
Produced by Jonathan Cain and Mike Stone.  Engineered by Jim Gaines, Robert Missbach, Al Wright, Jonathan Cain and Arthur Payson.  Recorded at Plant Studios, San Francisco; Right Track Studios, New York; Hit Factory, New York; A&R Studios, New York; Vertigo Sound, Novato, California; Rhinoceros Studios, Sydney, Australia; Metropolis Audio, Melbourne, Australia.
"Live" version - from the 1988 album "Barnestorming Live"

Jimmy Barnes: vocal
Dave Amato: guitar
Other musicians: ???

Produced by Tony Carey.  Mixed by Dave Thoener. 
"Lessons In Love" was co-written with Jimmy Barnes and my old friend Jeff Neall.  Jonathan Caine (keyboardist for "Journey") contributed to the song at a later date.

Jimmy Barnes was great fun to work with.  Loads of energy, and lots of great stories.  Never a dull moment!
Lyrics: Now you finished your schooling
Think you know it all
I've something to teach you
You never learned before

Lesson number one, gonna have some fun
Lesson number two, I'm in love with you
Lesson number three, gonna set you free
Lesson number four, that's when I give you more

This is a lesson in love
This is a lesson in love
And given half the chance, I'll teach you about romance
This is a lesson a lesson in love

Well I've been doing my homework
And staying up all night
And your not through with your studies baby
Until we get it right

Lesson number one, I'm a loaded gun
Lesson number two, when I aim for you

This is a lesson in love, this is a lesson in love
When passion starts to burn
Then you begin to learn
About the lesson, the lesson in love

This is a lesson in love
This is a lesson in love
This is a lesson in love
This is a lesson in love
This is a lesson in love
This is a lesson in love

And if your learning fast
I'll keep you after class
For another lesson in love