Drive All Night
Recording Artist: Dion and the Belmonts
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: March 1988 / Vancouver Canada
Albums: Pink Cadillac Soundtrack (Warner Bros, 1989)
Yo Frankie (Arista/BMG, 1989)
  Dion DiMucci: vocal
Bryan Adams: rhythm guitar, backing vocal
Keith Scott: lead guitar
Dave Taylor: bass
Mickey Curry: drums
Produced by Bryan Adams. Recorded by Thom Panunzio at A&M Studios, Los Angeles, January-February 1989.
"Drive All Night" was written for the 1989 film "Pink Cadillac" starring Clint Eastwood and Bernadette Peters. Dion also included the track on his 1989 album "Yo Frankie".

Bryan Adams had a small part in the film, making a 2-minute appearance as a gas station attendant. Comedian Jim Carrey (pre-fame) also plays a small role.

Roger Ebert gave the film one star.
VHS sleeve for the film
"Pink Cadillac"
Bruce Eder / All Music Guide: 

Despite having written some beautiful songs, Dion's great creative strength has always been as an interpreter and, in that regard, especially as an adapter and assimilator of musical genres. Beginning with his early rock roll sides, which had the polish of classical recordings, and into the early '60s, when he took a moderately successful pair of early Drifters RB numbers, "Ruby Baby" and "Drip Drop," and transformed them into white rock roll without violating their spirit (and making million-sellers out of each in the bargain), he was always intermixing styles, approaches, and sounds into something of his own.

Yo Frankie, released after his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, was Dion's most contemporary effort up to that time, and one that stood securely with its feet in both the '80s and the '50s. Producer Dave Edmunds took an approach here similar to what Jeff Lynne did with George Harrison and the Traveling Wilburys, giving the music a very full sound without going overboard, and never losing sight of the singer at the center of it all. Dion also plays rhythm guitar alongside Edmunds (on lead) and Bryan Adams (who also sings, along with Lou Reed, Patty Smyth, and Paul Simon) on these sides, but mostly the focus is on his voice and on lyrics about romance, the streets of the Bronx, and generally a past worth reveling in. Paul Simon (himself a veteran of late-'50s rock roll much like Dion) turns in a beautiful performance on backing vocals. And "Always in the Rain" is a poignant contemporary personal message, based on his contact with a girl at a drug treatment center. The album fits together so well and coherently that the contemporary and the nostalgic elements merge seamlessly into a pleasing whole, as valid a statement from Dion in 1989 as "Runaround Sue" or "Donna the Prima Donna" had been 30 years earlier.

YO FRANKIE!, released in 1989, was something of a comeback album for famed '50s singer Dion. Fortunately, the album was not a strict bid for commercial success, but an attempt to update Dion's sound while still maintaining the integrity of his roots and musical legacy. To that effect, the record succeeds; YO FRANKIE! mixes the past and the present, rock and R&B, and the talents of some surprising guest stars in an artful, focused way. Produced by Dave Edmunds (who also plays guitar on the album), YO FRANKIE! has a sharp, contemporary sound while never losing sight of Dion's soulful, doo-wop voice. Appearances by Bryan Adams, Paul Simon, Patti Smyth, and Lou Reed increase the profile of the album, yet their performances are integrated elegantly and serve the music rather than overshadow it (which can often be the case with star-studded albums). Overall, this is an impressive, pleasurable, and surprisingly relevant statement from an artist who helped forge rock & roll's first wave.
Lyrics: I've been away now
I just can't wait now
I got your letters - and I read between each line

I've been prayin'
That you'll be waitin'
So just remember - I'm gonna make you mine

I'm gonna drive all night
'Til the morning light
I'm gonna roll 'til dawn
With the windows down and the radio on

You know I'd drive all night
Just to hold you tight
We're gonna be so free
Just me for you and you for me - ya

I've been dreamin'
And I've been schemin'
Just to see you - 'cause you're my one desire

You're the reason
My arms are open
Your sweet emotion sets my heart on fire

I'm gonna drive all night
'Til the morning light
I'm gonna roll till dawn
With the windows down and the radio on

You know I'd drive all night
Just to hold you tight
We're gonna be so free
Just me for you and you for me

I shoulda known better - nearly let you go
If I'd-a my way
Woulda made you mine a long time ago

A little understanding - just a little bit of love
Would go a long long way
Let me show you what I'm thinkin' of