Halfway To Heaven
Recording Artist: Europe
Writers: Jim Vallance
Joey Tempest
Date Written: April 1991 / Vancouver Canada
Albums: Prisoners In Paradise (Epic Records, September 23, 1991)
Super Hits (1998)
Rock The Night Away - The Very Best Of Europe (Sony Music, 2004)
Charts: #42 - UK Singles Chart
Audio 1:
Released version
Joey Tempest: vocals
Kee Marcello: guitars
Mic Michaeli: keyboards
John Leven: bass
Ian Haugland: drums

Produced by Beau Hill. Recorded by Jimmy Hoyson at Enterprise Studios, Burbank California. Mixed by Beau Hill and Jimmy Hoyson.
Audio 2:
Demo version
Joey Tempest: vocals, guitars
Jim Vallance: keyboards, bass, drums
Recorded at Distorto Studios, Vancouver.
In March 1991 I received a call from Frankie LaRocka, former drummer for Bryan Adams. Frankie was now working as an A&R man for Epic Records in New York and he wanted to put me together with Joey Tempest, lead singer for the group "Europe".

Joey flew to Vancouver in April 1991 and we spent four pleasant and productive days writing and demoing in my studio.

Joey had recently moved to the Bahamas from his native Sweden. I asked him what it was like living in "paradise". Joey told me that, in the beginning, he enjoyed the sandy beaches and constant warm, sunny weather -- but after a month or two the novelty wore off and he started to miss everything Swedish: the food, the weather, the architecture, his family.

I wasn't surprised when I heard he'd named the next Europe album "Prisoners In Paradise".

Joey is an extraordinarily talented guy -- an excellent singer, guitarist and keyboard player. I really enjoyed collaborating with him.
Lyrics: Another day has come
Can't face it on my own
I almost let you walk away
I guess I should have known

I'll give it to you straight
'Cause some things just can't wait
I've got to make it up to you
And I'll pray it's not too late

'Cause when you look at me
With those sad blue eyes
It stops me cold and I realize
You're all I need tonight

We're halfway to heaven
Lyin' beside you on a night
So still
We're halfway to heaven
I ask you if you'll stay and baby
Say you will

So what's a man to do
To get it through to you
Another lost and lonely night
Would break this heart in two

So let's take a chance
And it'll be alright
Just put your trusr in me tonight
Girl we're almost there

We're halfway to heaven
There's something magic
'Bout the way you kiss
We're halfway to heaven
Runnin' with you baby
On a night like this

We're halfway to heaven
I never dreamed that
I could get this high
We're halfway to heaven
Girl I couldn't leave you
Even if I tried
You got me captured

In a crazy spin
You got me so I just
Can't tell the shape I'm in