Last To Know
Recording Artist: Evil Stig
Writers: Jim Vallance
Joan Jett
Kenny Laguna
A. Kessler
Matt Dresdner
Steve Moriarty
Date Written: March 1995 / Vancouver, Canada
Albums: Evil Stig (Warner Bros, 1995)
Joan Jett: guitar, vocal
Joe Spleen: guitar
Matt Dresdner: bass
Steve Moriarty: drums
Produced by Kenny Laguna.  Recorded and mixed by Staurt Hallerman.
Joan Jett and The Gits
On July 7th, 1993 Mia Zapata, front-woman for the Seattle band The Gits, was found in a field, raped and murdered.

Many months passed and the police were no closer to solving the crime.  Undeterred, the surviving members of The Gits hired a private investigator.  Nearly ten years later, in January 2003, Mia Zapata's killer was finally arrested and convicted.

In 1994 Joan Jett and the surviving Gits members performed in Portland, Oregon to raise money for "Home Alive", a women's self-defense and support group. What began as a one-off gig turned into a string of shows and songwriting collaborations, eventually resulting in the Evil Stig album.

"Last To Know" was written in Vancouver and recorded in Seattle with Joan Jett and The Gits: Matt Dresdner (bass), Steve Moriarty (drums), Joe Spleen (guitar), Joan Jett (guitar and lead vocal). 

The Joan Jett/Gits band was renamed "Evil Stig" ("Gits Live" spelled backwards).
Lyrics: There was a time I'd given you a piece of my soul
Now everything's changed and it's gettin' so outta control
Cuz I caught you one time then I caught you two times
You'd better walk away cuz now the truth's been told

You disgraced me how can you face me
I was the last to know
For all I tried to be
You still lied to me
I was the last to know

I been rackin' my brain and the truth is plain to see
You got no shame about what you've done to me
I believed you one time there wouldn't be another time
Get on your way cuz nobody rides for free

I thought you'd save me
But you betrayed me
I was the last to know
It was a sneak attack
You stabbed me in the back
I was the last to know

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat
The sheets are wet all these crazy thoughts going
Round and round in my head thinkin' 'bout the things we said
Some things wedone somethin' happened somethin' changed
I'm not sure what I'm notsure who to blame

I got somethin' to say an' I hope it's getting through
Cuz I know what I gotta do what I never ever wanted to do
I warned you one time but now you crossed the line
It's too late now cuz I'm done with you

You disgraced me how can you face me
I was the last to know
For all I tried to be
You still lied to me
I was the last to know