Run To You
Recording Artist: The Midway State
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: January 12-14, 1983 / Vancouver Canada
Released: Sep 13, 2011 / Remedy Music (distributed by EMI Music Canada)
  Nathan Ferraro: vocals, piano, synths
Mike Wise: guitar
Mike Kirsh: bass
Daenen Bramberger: drums

Produced by The Midway State. Recorded by Daenen Bramberger at Mom's Basement (July 2011). Mixed by Daenen Bramberger in Thornhill, Canada.

Cover Versions:
Also recorded by Bryan Adams, Bananarama, Jaymz Bee, EnRage, Jorn Lande, Novaspace, Nolans, Pascal
This is my favourite cover of "Run To You". In fact, it's one of my favourite covers of any of my songs. It's innovative and quirky with lots of unexpected twists and turns. The arrangement and the production are excellent ... and it's a home-studio recording!

I've always believed that "Run To You" was reliant upon the arpeggiated riff -- that it would only be half-a-song without it. These guys forgo the riff altogether, and you don't even miss it.

Here's their iTunes biography:

With a memorable shaggy afro and a humble but charismatic demeanour, Midway State's piano-playing frontman Nathan Ferraro made a conscious decision at an early age that he was going to take a shot at breaking their piano emo-rock outfit into the music industry.

Growing up in a musical family with seven siblings, he started writing songs at age 12 and a few years later, while attending high school in Collingwood, Ontario, he paired up with longtime pal and drummer Daenen Bramberger and started performing as Midway State with bassist Adam Beamish and guitarist Ryan Horning.

Just after their first tour, with Ferraro and Bramberger at the ripe age of 17, the band packed up and moved to Toronto to settle into a single bedroom apartment and pursue their dreams of playing their songs for the masses. After being together almost three years and a brief period working in a flower shop, in September 2004, Ferraro received a phone call from producer Gavin Brown. Impressed by their homemade demo, he befriended them and encouraged that they refine their sound by replacing the weaker musicians with seasoned professionals. Beamish and Horning were let go after much debate, and the remaining duo started searching for replacements on the East coast, taking auditions from music students from various schools, including Berklee School of Music and The University of Toronto's jazz program, before settling on a new lineup that consisted of Nathan Ferraro (vocals, piano, acoustic guitar), Daenen Bramberger (drums), Mike Kirsh (bass), and Michael Wise (guitar).

After a brief tour to promote the new group, Brown spent over a year honing and perfecting their sound before recording their debut EP, Eponymous which was released in 2006. A year later, in 2007, their second EP Met a Man on Top of the Hill was released on Interscope and a video for their radio-friendly single, "Change for You" soon followed.
Lyrics: She says her love for me could never die
But that'd change if she ever found out about you and I

Oh - but her love is cold
It wouldn't hurt her if she didn't know, 'cause
When it gets too much
I need to feel your touch

I'm gonna run to you
I'm gonna run to you
Cause when the feelin's right I'm gonna run all night
I'm gonna run to you

She's got a heart of gold she'd never let me down
But you're the one that always turns me on, you keep me comin' 'round

I know her love is true
But it's so damn easy makin' love to you
I got my mind made up
I need to feel your touch

I'm gonna run to you
I'm gonna run to you
Cause when the feelin's right I'm gonna run all night
I'm gonna run to you