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  1.0 Music   Discography
This is a complete list of artists, albums and songs to which I've contributed (1977-2012).
    Album Pages
One web-page for each album I've contributed to (note - I'm still working on this ... only a few albums are represented).
    Song Pages
Stories behind the songs (Adams, Aerosmith, Ozzy, etc).  One page for each of approximately 300 songs I've co-written, including photographs, comments, and chart information.
    Awards 1978-2009
    Guest Book
    Steven Tyler, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.
  2.0 Family   Sir Harry Lauder
You may not know his name, but in 1910 Harry Lauder was one of the most famous entertainers in the world.
    James Wellington Young / WW1
How did a peaceful Vancouver grocer end up dying on a battlefield in France?
    The Skrines of Warleigh
A partial transcript of the 1936 limited edition history "Skrine of Warleigh" by E. W. Ainley-Walker.
    Coming soon
- Family histories for the surnames Vallance, Black, and Young.
- Histories of Claverton and Warleigh Manors, near Bath.
  3.0 Projects   Bernard Purdie and The Beatles
Drummer Bernard Purdie claims to have substituted for Ringo on 21 Beatle recordings. Really?!?
    John Lennon in Germany (1960-62)
Before the Beatles were famous they performed in nightclubs in Hamburg. View John Lennon's German work permits from 1960-62.
    Armoury Studios
    Some "behind the walls" photos and notes on the construction of "The Armoury".
    Quilchena Elementary School
A brief history of Vancouver's historic Quilchena Elementary School.  This project is still "in progress", but I've posted the first page.
  4.0 Misc   Fan Page
Just Like it sounds.