It Won't Be You
Recording Artist: The Payolas
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bob Rock
Paul Hyde
Bryan Adams
David Foster
Date Written: 1985 / Vancouver, Canada
Albums: Here's the World for Ya (1985)
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Paul Hyde and Bob Rock are great guys ... humble, approachable, and hugely talented. 

In my opinion, "Eyes Of A Stranger" is one the great musical moments of the 1980's.  Everything about it is brilliant: the production, the arrangement, the writing.  The track is an early example of the famous Little Mountain "loading bay" drum sound, which would later be featured on recordings by Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, AC/DC and many others. 

Listen to Paul's strained-but-controlled vocal, Chris Taylor's heavy-metal-reggae drumming, and Bob Rock's echoplex guitar.  Amazing.  And apparently this was the demo!! (they tried re-cutting the track but couldn't improve upon it, so they kept it the way it was).

In addition to "Eyes Of A Stranger", please find and listen to "Dirty Water", "Where Is This Love", "China Boys" and "I Will".

In 1984-85 the Payolas were working with producer David Foster.  They were "stuck" on one particular track ("It Won't Be You").  They sent it over to Adams and I, and we made a small contribution.