Crazy World
Recording Artist: Scorpions
Writers: Jim Vallance
Klaus Meine
Rudolf Schenker
Herman Rarebell
Date Written: 1990
Albums: Crazy World (1990)
Live Bites (1995)
Klaus Meine: vocals
Rudolf Schenker: guitar
Matthias Jabs: guitar
Francis Buchholz: bass
Herman Rarebell: drums
Backing vocals: Marcel Gelderblom, Mirjam Erftemeijer, Henk Horden, Patrick Ulenberg, Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Erwin Musper, Keith Olsen.
Produced by Keith Olsen and the Scorpions. Recorded by Erwin Musper and Keith Olsen at Goodnight LA Studios (Los Angeles) and Wisseloord Studios (Hilversum, Holland).  Mixed at Goodnight LA Studios and Wisseloord Studios by Keith Olsen, Shay Baby and Erwin Musper.
Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer as "Spinal Tap" bassist Derek Smalls
I enjoyed working with the Scorpions. They're completely committed to Rock-n-Roll, 24/7, right down to the Gibson Flying V's and the black leather pants.

They're also very serious about who they are and what they do, while still managing to maintain a sense of humour about it all, if that's not too much of a dichotomy.

Occasionally they're misunderstood.

In September 2007 a Vancouver music critic wrote: "One archetypal story has the Scorps stomping out of a screening of "Spinal Tap" in a huff because the film parody struck too close to home".

In my experience, nothing could be further from the truth!

I was sitting with the Scorpions one night, in the lobby of the Merdien Hotel in Vancouver. The actor Harry Shearer walked by, and Rudolf did a double take.

"That was the bass player from Spinal Tap!", Rudolf said, visibly excited.  A few minutes later, Harry walked back in our direction again.

"Excuse me", Rudolf said.  "Are you Harry Shearer?".

"Well, uhm, yes I am", was the shy reply.

"VEE ARE THE SCORPIONS!!!", shouted Rudolf, delighted to be in the presence of a true Heavy Metal legend.

"It's nice to meet you", said Shearer, in a quiet, bemused voice.

After Harry had gone, Rudolf said he was certain -- in fact, he heard it from a reliable source -- that Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, and Christopher Guest had, to some degree, used The Scorpions as inspiration for their Spinal Tap characters.

A few years later I met Harry Shearer again, this time at the "ASCAP Music Awards" in Los Angeles. I asked him if it was true that The Scorpions had inspired the Spinal Tap film in any way.

"No", was all he said.
Here's Rudolf Schenker from an August 2021 interview with Malcolm Dome:

"Bruce Fairbarin was our original choice to produce us, and we flew to LA to meet him. He put us in touch with Jim Vallance, because he thought Jim could help with the songwriting.

We got on so well with Jim, he ended up co-writing a lot of the album with us – seven tracks in all. But at the last minute, Bruce said he’d been asked to produce AC/DC, which had always been one of his ambitions, so he couldn’t do our album.

In the end we went with Keith Olsen, who did a superb job. Most of the recording was done at his Goodnight LA Studios, but Klaus had problems with the vocals, so we did those at Wisseloord Studios in Holland, where we also mixed it."
Lyrics: I get up in the morning
For my dose of the news
Crawl right back in the sack girl
Had enough of the truth
Spend your dollars and rubels
Buy a piece of the wall
Build it up in your backyard
I'm so sick of it all

Ooh, it's a crazy world
Ooh, it's a crazy world

Drivin' down to the city
Doin' 155
Better late than never
I'm more dead than alive
We can find the Titanic
Put a man on the moon
But we can't fix our backyard
Man we better start soon

Ooh, it's a crazy world
Ooh, it's a crazy world
Ooh, it's a crazy world
Ooh, it's a crazy world

I don't want to hear about it
I wish it would be worlds away
You know the more I think about it
The more I feel we need to change
I get up (In a crazy, crazy world)
We all live (In a crazy, crazy world)
Ooh yeah (It's a crazy, crazy world)
I gotta get out (Of this crazy, crazy world)

Goin' home to my baby
It's been another hard day
Bust my balls for the tax man
So what else can I say
They spent our money on missiles
For the third world war
Now they're stacked in my backyard
We don't need them no more

Ooh, it's a crazy world
Ooh, it's a crazy world
Ooh, it's a crazy world
Ooh, it's a crazy world