Kids Wanna Rock
Recording Artist: Sodom
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: June - August 1984 / Vancouver Canada
Albums: The Saw Is The Law - EP (1991)
Michael Hoffman: vocals, guitars, piano
Tom Angelripper: bass
Chris Witchhunter: drums
Backing vocals: Beck, Bela B., Kobold, Rodrigo Gonzales
Produced by Harris Johns and Sodom. Recorded at Musiclab Studio, Berlin, Germany. Mixed by Harris Johns at Tritonus Studio, Berlin, Germany.
Cover Versions:
Also recorded by Bryan Adams
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From  "Sodom are one of a trio of German bands that are acknowledged as pioneers/leaders of the 80's thrash scene in Germany (the other two being Destruction and Kreator). Their early work had more in common with bands such as Venom and Hellhammer than straight-ahead thrash, with the result being that much of their work is chaotic, frenzied, a bit on the messy side. Despite mixed critical views, the band has continued to maintain a healthy fan base and are still churning out albums, the most recent being M-16, released in October 2001."

Also see comments for the Bryan Adams version of Kids Wanna Rock.
Lyrics: Turned on the radio
Sounded like a disco
Musta turned the dial for a couple of miles
But I couldn't find no rock 'n roll
This computerized crap ain't gettin' me off
Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock

London to L.A.
Talkin' 'bout the new wave
For a couple of bucks you get a weird haircut
And waste your life away
Around the world or around the block
Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock

Get me my D.J.
I got somethin' he's gotta play
Wanna hear it I can't wait
So turn it up, turn it up...

Kick down the barricades
Listen to what the kids say
From time to time people change their minds
But the music is here to stay
I've seen it all from the bottom to the top
Everywhere I go kids wanna rock

Around the world or around the block
Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock

Everywhere I go the kids wanna rock