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Album: Time To Burn
Release Date: 1991
Songs By Jim Vallance:

I'll Be There (When It's Over)
Without You

Comments: Review/All Music Guide:  Giant's second effort, 1991's Time to Burn is another excellent, melodic hard-rock album in the veign of Foreigner and Journey, but with the added sting of Dan Huff's incredible chops and blinding technique (especially on the title track). The rest of the band provides equally impressive musicianship throughout, and one is left with the feeling that this record would have been a monster smash had it been released a decade earlier.

Though devout Christians, the members of Giant don't let their beliefs interfere with the music, and songs like "Chained," "Stay," "Without You," and "I'll Be There (When It's Over)" possess fantastic melodies, hooks, and sing-along choruses. The band also achieves near-perfection on heart-rending ballads such as "Now Until Forever" and the stunning "Lost in Paradise." ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide