Richard Dickson Skrine, 1719-1791
These pages may be of interest to people researching family histories for the surnames Vallance, Black, Skrine, Young, Paiement and many others. There's also a section on Scottish singer Sir Harry Lauder.
You may not know his name, but between 1900-1950 he was one of the most famous performers in the world.
How did a peaceful Canadian grocer end up dead in a field in France?
A transcript (first 61 pages) of the limited edition 1936 book "Skrine of Warleigh" by E. W. Ainley-Walker, a well-researched history of the Skrine family of Warleigh.  The book covers the period 1400 to 1936, and will be of interest to those researching the surname Skrine and related families.