I'll Be There (When It's Over)
Recording Artist: Giant
Writers: Jim Vallance
Dann Huff
Terry Thomas
Date Written: February 1991 / Vancouver, Canada
Albums: Time To Burn (Epic Records, 1992)
Dann Huff – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Alan Pasqua – keyboards,backing vocals
Mike Brignardello – bass,backing vocals
David Huff – drums, percussion,backing vocals
Produced by Terry Thomas.  Recorded by Andrew Scarth and Patrick Kelly. Mixed by Terry Thomas and Rafe McKenna.
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(photo by Lynn McAffe)
Dann Huff is one of the world's most sought-after session guitarists. His studio credits include Michael Jackson, Madonna and Shania Twain, to name a few (see list below). When A&R man John Kalodner called me in early 1991, I jumped at the chance to write with Dann.

When I first met him, Dann had just recently abandoned LA in favour of Nashville. He was becoming increasingly concerned about raising his family on the west coast with the crime, riots, floods and earthquakes. Nashville, Dann's original home-town, seemed a peaceful oasis by comparison, with a burgeoning rock scene in addition to the country music community that had existed there for decades.

I've spent time with some amazing musicians over the years, but I was truly awed by Dann's guitar virtuosity. He's also a great songwriter, a great singer, and an extremely nice man. During his stay in Vancouver we completed four songs, two of which were included on Giant's 1991 "Time To Burn" album.
As a session guitarist Dann Huff has recorded with (to name a few):

Natalie Cole
Glady Knight
Faith Hill
Barbra Streisand
Clint Black
Michael Bolton
Neville Brothers
Dusty Springfield
Shania Twain
Rick Springfield
Olivia Newton-John
Toby Keith
Billy Joel
Joe Cocker
Smokey Robinson
Celine Dion
Bryan Ferry
Tim McGraw
Peter Wolf
Martina McBride
Reba McIntire
Kenny Loggins
Glen Campbell
Amy Grant
Michael Jackson
Paula Abdul
Rod Stewart
Tammy Wynette
Mariah Carey
Merle Haggard
Bob Seger
Peter CeteraBarry Manilow
Boz Scaggs
Chaka Khan
Lyrics: I've been waiting, I've been watching every move you make
And when I see that look in your eyes, it's more than I can take
Now I know it's all for him, reminding me what might have been
But I let you walk away, yeah

Heaven knows it ain't been easy, but in my heart I know you need me
Back in your arms again, baby

I'll be there when it's over
After he's gone and your world comes to an end
I'll be there when it's over
You'll never cry again, you'll never cry again

You were helpless, I was heartless, on those times I hurt you
Now I'm the one who feels the pain, 'cause there's no life at all without you
I can't accept the truth
Just knowing that he's touching you is more than I can bear

No one else can really love you like I can, so let me show you
Just how much I care

I'll be there when it's over
After he's gone and your world comes to an end
I'll be there when it's over
You'll never cry again, you'll never cry again

Even though I know it's crazy
I've been holding on and they say time will heal the pain, yeah
Heaven knows it ain't been easy
But somehow I just know you'll need me back in your arms again, baby