Can't Live Without You
Recording Artist: Joan Jett
Writers: Jim Vallance
Joan Jett
Kenny Laguna
Date Written: December 1994 / Vancouver
Albums: Naked (Japanese Victor, 2004)
Joan Jett: vocal
Thommy Price: drums
Produced by Bob Rock.  Recorded at The Armoury Studios, Vancouver.
Kenny Laguna >
I know
We're runnin aground
And I see
It's getting ya down
It's hard enough trying to keep control
Holdin' on when I should let go
And I hear
What you're tryin' to say
And I see
That there's no other way
I admit it
You done your best
It ain't easy to accept
Can't live without you
You can't live with me

I know
That it's breakin your heart
And I'd help
If I knew where to start
I wanna ride
And my love is strong
But everything
I do is wrong
And I cry
Cuz I caused your pain
And if I could
Do it over again
I would
Never tell you any lies
It took so long to realize
I can't live without you
You can't live with me

If only could talk you into it
Get you to wait just a little bit
I know I could show you
I can change

I can't help how I feel inside
I talk to you
And there's no reply
Can't live without you
You can't live with me
Can't live without you
Can't live without you
And you can't live with me