Backdoor Man
Recording Artist: Little Angels
Writers: Jim Vallance
Toby Jepson
Bruce John Dickinson
Date Written: March 1990 / Vancouver Canada
Charts: #17 - UK
Albums: Young Gods (Polydor, 1991)
Audio: Pending
Toby Jepson - vocals
Bruce John Dickinson - guitar
Jimmy Dickinson - keyboards
Mark Plunkett - bass
Michael Lee - drums
Produced by Andy Paul.
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Singer Toby Jepson is quoted as saying "Back Door Man" is his favourite "Angels" track.
The "Little Angels" formed in Scarborough, England in 1987. The band split seven years later, in July 1994, following a farewell performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

I received a call in July 1988 from Susan Collins (A&R, Polydor UK) asking if I’d be interested in producing the band, but I was too busy at the time. A year later, at the end of 1989, I was again approached, this time to co-write. I had time available, and I gladly accepted.

I was scheduled to start writing with the "Angels" on Monday, March 19 (1990). Sunday morning I woke up with a bad cold, which grew worse over the next few hours.  By mid-day I was sick as a dog. I realized I was in no shape to spend a week writing ... nor did I want to pass my illness on to the band members.

I tried reaching their manager by telephone, but being Sunday it proved difficult. I finally found him, only to learn the boys had already boarded their British Airways flight to Canada! It was too late to cancel.

Singer Toby Jepson and guitarist Bruce John Dickinson arrived at my studio on Monday morning as planned.  I did my very best to drag my aching carcass through a week of song collaboration. I could barely keep my head up due to headache, congestion and general misery, but somehow we managed to complete several songs, one of which, "Back Door Man", was recorded by the "Little Angels" for their "Young Gods" CD.