Where Do We Go From Here?
Recording Artist: John Wetton
Writers: John Wetton
Jim Vallance
Date Written: May and October 1991 / February and March 1992
Albums: Sinister (2000) / UK
John Wetton: vocals, keyboards
Jim Vallance: keyboard bass, programmed drums, guitar
John Mitchell: lead guitar
Produced by Jim Vallance and John Wetton.  Recorded at Cabana Studios (Vancouver), Nomansland (UK) and Room With A View (UK).
Lyrics: A stolen glance, a shared romance
We should have said goodbye
Instead we found a secret love, that no-one knows
Just you and I

So we held on for so long, no need to question why
Now I fight back the feeling
I can’t resist, I can’t give in, but to carry on would be a sin, tell me

Where do we go from here?
Where do we turn now that everything has changed
The colours are fading that once were so clear, so
Where do we go, where do we go from here?