Monkey See Monkey Do
Recording Artist: Wildside
Writers: Jim Vallance
Drew Hannah
Brent Woods
Date Written: January 1991
Albums: Under The Influence (1992)
Monkee See Monkee Do / released version
Drew Hannah: vocals
Brent Woods: guitars
Benny Rhynedance: guitar
Marc Simon: bass
Jimmy D: drums
Recorded March-November 1992 at A&M Studios (Los Angeles), Sound Factory (Los Angeles), and House Of Pain Studios (Eddie Van Halen's home studio in Sherman Oaks). Produced by Andy Johns.
Additional Audio:
Monkee See Monkee Do / demo recording
Drew Hannah: vocals
Brent Woods: guitars
Jim Vallance: bass, drums, keyboards

Recorded at Distorto Studio (Vancouver), January 1992.
In December 1990 I got a call from Tim Devine, A&R man at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, asking if I'd be interested in co-writing with a recently signed band, "Young Gunns" (the name would later be changed to "Wildside").  The band members had already written with Paul Stanley (KISS) and the album was going to be produced by Andy Johns (Led Zepplin), so it sounded like a "good one".
Wildside members Drew Hannah and Benny Rhynedance >
Singer Drew Hannah and guitarist Brent Woods came up to Vancouver for a few days, during which time we wrote and demo'd "Monkee See Monkee Do". 

On a subsequent visit (which also included guitarist Benny Rhynedance) we wrote a second song, "Little Piece of Heaven" ... but it wasn't included on the album .

The album was released in 1992, just as "hair bands" were on the way out and "grunge bands" were on the way in. Unfortunately the Wildside album did not fare well, critically or commercially, and eventually the band broke up.

Regardless, 15 years later I got a nice email from band member Benny Rhynedance:  "Jim, my experience at your home studio helped me write better songs afterward. Plus, I'd never had a Starbucks coffee until I came to Vancouver! Who knew it would be what it is today?".