Tom and Harry Vallance
Thomas Limerick Vallance was born on December 1, 1876 at 19 Chapel Street, Hamilton, Scotland, the third child and oldest son of James Limerick Vallance, coal-miner, and Mary Kerr.

The Census of 1891 finds the Vallance family residing at No. 6 Deputy Row, Allonton, and lists Tom's occupation as "coal-miner". He was 14 years old.

In June 1890 Tom's older sister Annie married another young coal-miner by the name of Harry Lauder.  Harry and Tom worked together in the Quarter mine near Hamilton where Tom's father was now mine manager.  In a few year's time Harry would leave his coal-mining job and become one of the most famous and highest-paid entertainers in the world, knighted by King George in 1919. 

Tom became Harry Lauder's business advisor and inseparable companion.  They travelled the world together, with Tom also serving as Harry's stage manager. Harry speaks reverently of Tom in the introduction to his 1928 autobiography, Roamin' In The Gloamin' ...

"If there is another such as Tom Vallance anywhere else in the world the man who claims him as manager, secretary, valet and interesting companion over a period of thirty-five years is indeed a lucky person!
Tom Vallance (age 27)
Hamilton Scotland, 1903
Tom Vallance, 1918
Los Angeles, California
  Tom Vallance at the wheel of Sir Harry's
Nagent-Hobson automobile, about 1909
You, Tom, have been a partner in Harry Lauder Limited (strictly limited!) all these years!  You have travelled to the ends of the earth with me and have never once missed a train or a steamer or been late for an "entrance". 

You are as faithful and loyal to me as your dear sister Nance was, and I can say no more of that.  Without you I would be like a fish out of water.  And you've had a lot to put up with, mind I'm tellin' you!  When, if ever, you throw your hand in, Tom, I'll just creep awa' to ma bed and die!".

Elsewhere in the same book Harry says: "For Tom Vallance I have had a very soft side from that day to this. I taught him his job as a miner and he is now, as he has been for thirty years, my faithful friend and manager.  Where I go Tom goes.  I do nothing without consulting him.  He is almost as well know all over the world as I am!".

Tom Vallance married Euphemia Naphier on October 26, 1894.  They had six children: Marion, Mary, Effie, Alex, Jim and Lauder.  Tom died on August 13, 1932 in Blackpool, England, age 55.
Harry Vallance (age 14)
Hamilton Scotland, 1903
  Harry Vallance with Harry Lauder's Phantom I
Rolls Royce at Lauderdale, Dunoon, 1927
Henry ("Harry") Limerick Vallance was born on June 9, 1889 at his parent's home at 1 Bannatyne Place, Bent Road, Hamilton, Scotland, the tenth child and sixth son born to James Limerick Vallance and Mary Kerr.

By 1910 brother-in-law Harry Lauder's career was in full swing and he often performed several shows the same night, in a variety of locations.  Harry Vallance became his chauffeur, driving the famous singer from music hall to music hall.

On December 19, 1911 Harry Vallance married Bess Cullen.  They had three children: Nancy, Ruth and MacLennan (possibly more?).

Harry Vallance died on October 25, 1955, age 66.