Sir Harry Lauder
Now largely forgotten, in the first half of the 20th century Sir Harry Lauder was one of the most famous entertainers in the world. A gifted singer, songwriter and comedian, he sold millions of recordings and filled theatres all over the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the USA. Harry Lauder was knighted by King George in 1919.
Harry Lauder's collection of canes, crops and crooked sticks.
Theatre programs and playbills from Harry Lauder's tours of England, Canada and the USA.
When Harry died in 1950 he left his estate to his niece Greta.  When she died in 1966, the home and contents were sold.
Homes occupied by Harry Lauder, from his birth in 1870 to his death in 1950.
Images of the interior of Lauder Ha', Sir Harry Lauder's mansion near Glasgow.
Sir Harry's only child, John Lauder was killed in the First World War. Harry never fully recovered from the loss.
Sir Harry appeared in dozens of films and newsreels during the "silent" and "sound" era.
A selection of images ... in character, out of character, and some contemporary caricatures.
Harry made many friends during his long career, including Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, kings and presidents.
A list of Lauder biographies, auto-biographies and songbooks.
Photos and autograph pages with "Lauder" signatures appear frequently on eBay and elsewhere.  Here are some examples.
Two short "news clips" featuring Harry Lauder and his wife.
A selection of Harry Lauder on-line biographies.
How my family, the Vallances, are related to Harry Lauder.
Photographs and biography.
Harry's manager and chauffeur.
My grandfather visits Lauder Ha'