Way Of The World
Recording Artist: Prism
Writer: Al Harlow
Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: 1988
Albums: Jericho (1993)
Darcy Deutsch: vocal
Al Harlow: electric guitar
Bryan Adams: acoustic guitar
Lindsay Mitchell: lead guitar
Jim Vallance: bass, drums, keyboards

Recorded and mixed at Distorto Studios, Vancouver. Produced by Al Harlow and Jim Vallance.
This is primarily an Al Harlow song ... it was well under way by the time Al showed it to me.  Adams and I helped him finish it.
Lyrics: Time had a hold on me
Waiting to waste me away into a memory
You - you're out on the street
This ain't the way that it was in the magazine

That's the way of the world
I've got one foot draggin' so far behind
That's the way of the world
Don't want to be the first to go
Don't let me be the last to know

And I've been looking for you
In places where we used to go
What am I supposed to do?
Now there's nowhere to run
Baby, I'd rather be blind than see you come undone

That's the way of the world
You take one step forward, look two behind
That's the way of the world
Everybody needs a place to hide
Everybody needs a friend to rely on

Where you gonna go when the arcade's closed
And your whole world tumbles down lonesome road?
When you're dying to live, seems like you're living to die