Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Release Date: 1984 (A&M Records)
Songs By Jim Vallance: Ain't Gonna Cry
It's Only Love
Kids Wanna Rock
One Night Love Affair
Long Gone
Run To You
She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'
Summer of '69
Charts: #1 - Billboard Album Chart / August 1985 (83 weeks on chart)
#7 - UK Chart / March 1985
#18 - Netherlands "Top 75 " chart / 1985
#11 - Netherlands "Top 100 " chart / 1990
#25 - Netherlands "Top 100 " chart / 1991
Certification: Gold Album Award, Canada (50,000 sales) 1984
Platinum Album Award, Canada (100,000 sales) 1984
Gold Album Award, USA (500,000 sales) 1985
4x Platinum, USA (4 million sales) 1986
5x Platinum, USA (5 million sales) Nov. 19, 1992
Diamond Award, Canada (1 million sales) 1985
Gold Album Award, Japan 1985
Platinum Album Award, Japan 1985
1x Platinum, Norway (100,000 sales) 1987
Gold Album Award, United Kingdom 1985
Gold Album Award, Germany (250,000 sales) 1986
Platinum Album Award Australia (70,000 sales) 2004
World: Approximately 12 million sales
Juno Award (Canada) - Best Album / November 1985
Below: me and Bryan in my studio in 1984.  Note the vintage gear:  Ampex 1100 tape recorder, Neve console and Urei 1176 compressors.
This is where it all came together for us. Bryan's previous albums had each delivered two or three singles ... but "Reckless" produced five or six. 

It had taken a few years, but we'd finally figured out how to write radio-friendly pop tunes, and for much of 1984 that's exactly what we did, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. The result was "Reckless".
It was a very productive and creative time for us.  The room was filled with positive energy, and I looked forward to the daily song-writing sessions with Bryan in my basement studio.

"Reckless" took Bryan to the top of the charts and made him a star, an arena-rock headliner. Sadly, after that, our personal and professional relationship started coming apart at the seams.  We wrote one more album together, but after that, it would be 10 or 15 years before we spoke to one another again.
MTV website:  Bryan Adams was played a great deal on the radio in 1984/5; his music was the most radio-friendly rock to have been heard in a long time. Revisiting this album more than a decade later still confirms this; if anything, hearing him less makes you like him more. The hit singles still sound consistently good - 'Somebody', 'Summer Of '69' and 'Run To You' - but although he has a clearly recognizable style and sound all the other tracks sound fresh. Adams never needs to top this record as there is enough grist on this to keep him playing live forever.

Sound Magazine (USA):  A helluva record to beat.

- Christopher Connelly, Rolling Stone Magazine:  With his born-to-rock rasp, his pungent guitar-and-drums sound and his severely undernourished lyrics, Vancouver-bred Bryan Adams has typically produced the closest thing yet to generic rock & roll, long on formal excellence but short on originality.
Bryan and I accepting our platinum album awards for "Reckless".
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