Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Writers: Jim Vallance
Bryan Adams
Date Written: 1983 / West Vancouver, Canada
Albums: A Night In Heaven / Soundtrack (A&M Records, 1983)
Reckless (A&M Records, 1984)
Live Live Live (A&M Records, 1988)
So Far So Good (A&M Records, 1993)
Bryan Adams Unplugged (A&M Records, 1997)
Anthology (A&M Records, 2005)
Icon (Universal, 2010)
Bare Bones (2010)
Reckless - 30th Anniversary Edition (November 2014)
Heaven peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart the week ending June 22, 1985.  It knocked Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears) from the top spot and held Phil Collins' Sussudio at #2 (Phil finally reached #1 the week ending July 6).

"A Night In Heaven"
VHS video sleeve

Other songs on the chart that week included "Raspberry Beret" (#4-Prince), "Walking On Sunshine"(#9-Katrina and the Waves), "Every Time You Go Away" (#20-Paul Young), "Glory Days" (#21-Bruce Springsteen) and "Shout" (#42-Tears For Fears).

Heaven has been played more than 1-million times on US radio ... equivalent to more than 6 years of continuous play. Here are some international chart numbers:

#1 - Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart / July 1985 (19 weeks on the chart)
#6 - The Record (Canada) / July 8, 1985 (16 weeks on the chart)
#8 - Swedish Chart / 1985 (7 weeks on the shart)
#9 - Billboard Top Tracks Chart / 1984 (9 weeks on the chart)
#14 - Swiss Chart / 1985 (8 weeks on the chart)
#27 - Billboard Top Tracks Chart / 1985 (8 weeks on the chart)
#38 - UK Chart / June 1985 (5 weeks on the chart)
Awards: 1984 - Procan Award (Performing Rights Organization of Canada) ) for Canadian radio airplay
1985 - BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) Citation of Achievement for U.S. radio airplay
1985 - Gold Single Award for 50,000 sales of the 45 RPM single in Canada
1995 - Socan Classics Award for more than 100,000 Canadian radio performances
Audio 1:
Bryan Adams: piano, percussion, vocal
Keith Scott: lead guitar
Dave Taylor: bass
Rob Sabino: keyboards
Steve Smith: drums
Arranged by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. Produced by Bob Clearmountain and Bryan Adams. Associate producer Jim Vallance. Recorded June 1983, Power Station, New York.
Audio 2:
From the album "Bare Bones" (2010)
Bryan Adams: acoustic guitar, vocal
Gary Breit: piano
Produced by Bryan Adams. Recorded by Ben Dobie at the Anderson Center for the Performing Arts in Binghamton, New York, June 14, 2010.   Mixed by Bob Clearmountain at Mix This, Los Angeles California.
Cover Versions:
Also recorded by Jose Andrea, Paul Anka, Brandi Carlile, DJ Sammy, Bert Heerink, Dystopia One, Emilia, Eyra Gail, Nick Carter, Do, Hanna Pakarinen, Jason Aldean.
Drummer Steve Smith
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In 1983 our publisher asked me and Bryan to write a song for the film "A Night In Heaven" starring Lesley Ann Warren and Christopher Atkins. The film flopped at the box office, and the soundtrack album, which included our song "Heaven", suffered a similar fate.

Very few people saw the film, and even fewer purchased the soundtrack album, so for all intents and purposes "Heaven" was untainted ... it was still a new, unheard song.

Bryan recorded "Heaven" at the Power Station in New York in June 1983 with engineer and co-producer Bob Clearmountain, but the session didn't go smoothly. Part way through the recording, drummer Mickey Curry announced he had to leave.  He'd warned Bryan about his limited availability that day ... he'd committed in advance to a "Hall and Oates" session. The "Heaven" session was running behind schedule, taking longer than planned, and Mickey had no choice but to walk out!

Desperate for a drummer Bryan put in a call to Steve Smith, Journey's drummer. Steve rushed down to the studio and did a superb job substituting for Mickey.

Bryan was touring the USA in the summer of 1985 when Heaven entered the "Billboard" chart.  We kept in touch by telephone, our excitement growing as the song climbed the charts, rising through the 50's and 40's (in April), the 30's and 20's (in May), and finally entering the "top ten" in June 1985. 

"If the song reaches number one", I told Bryan on the phone, "I'll fly to wherever you are so we can celebrate".  Two weeks later I was on a flight to Cincinnati!

Although "Heaven" would later be eclipsed by the enormous success of "Everything I Do", it remains Bryan's first chart topping single.

Nearly 20 years later (2002) "Heaven" once again reached the top of the charts when it was released as a "dance" track by "DJ Sammy".

Billboard Chart / July 1985
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Oh, thinkin' about all our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free
Now nothin' can take you away from me
We've been down that road before
But that's over now
You keep me comin' back for more

Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it here in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

Oh - once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Bring you up when you're feelin' down
Ya-nothin' could change what you mean to me
Oh there's lots that I could say
But just hold me now
Cause our love will light the way

Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it here in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven - heaven

I've been waitin' for so long
For somethin' to arrive
For love to come along
Now our dreams are comin' true
Through the good times and the bad
Ya - I'll be standin' there by you