Recording Artist: Bryan Adams
Release Date: 2008 (Polydor)
Songs By Jim Vallance: Flower Grown Wild
Tonight We Have The Stars
Walk On By
Way Of The World (bonus track in some countries)
Charts: #1 - Canadian HMV National Sales Chart / March 2008
#1 - iTunes Canada / March 2008
#1 - Switzerland / March 2008
#1 - India / March 2008
#2 - Austria / March 2008
#2 - Denmark / March 2008
#2 - Germany / March 2008
#4 - Portugal / March 2008
#4 - UK Charts / March 2008
#8 - Netherlands / March 2008
Beginning with the "Room Service" album and continuing on "11", Bryan now records significant portions of each album outside the recording studio. Stacks of audio gear, which used to fill a room, can now be installed on your laptop, making it easy to record in a variety of unlikely locations.
Jim Vallance & Bryan Adams London, May 2007 >

(photo: Colin Cripps)
During an interview in March 2008 Bryan talked about recording in hotel rooms: "We'd order up some food or something and they'd come in and see the mattresses against the window, and microphones going into the toilet. But it worked. It dispelled the rumour that you have to record in a [sound proof] place."

This album also dispells the rumour that two songwriters have to be in the same room at the same time.
I live in Vancouver. Bryan lives in London. I would send him song ideas (MP3 audio files) by email. He'd add some elements and email them back to me. We'd continue this process until the songs were completed. It required more time than the "old way", but in my opinion the results are every bit as good.